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Mezzanine Configurations Optimized to Your Facility
Arc Force Mezzanines are designed to fit around your existing warehouse layout (columns, machines, etc). We will
manufacture for you, the custom steel mezzanine that helps you obtain  the greatest amount of usable floor space by transforming your overhead, unused space into workable storage above and below the mezzanine. Arc Force will assist you every step of the way from design to delivery to installation.

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Steel Mezzanine Construction Materials
Arc Force Mezzanines are engineered to exceed OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards, and AISC’s (American Institute of Steel Construction) strict codes. Our steel mezzanines also have a sizable safety factor built into our design’s calculations. In short, we overbuild our steel mezzanines to ensure safety and durability.

Heavy duty structural steel beams are hot rolled wide flange and meet the requirements of ASTM Specification 50W specifications which provides a minimum yield strength of 50,000 lbs per square inch with minimum deflection.  Columns are made from HSS (hollow structural section) square tube and meet the requirements of ASTM 500 Class H which provides minimum yield strength of 46,000 lbs per square inch.

Typical mezzanine column size is 6” x 6” x 3/16” tubular steel which provides consistent strength in both directions. Column spacing is designed to meet your facility conditions.  Specific column size and thickness will be determined when designing your custom steel mezzanine.

Column base plates are a standard of 10” x 10” x 5/8” thick minimum and are factory-punched to be anchored with a minimum of four 5/8” diameter anchor bolts. Our unique column to beam design requires a top mounting plate that is also 5/8” thick. We supply you with all the hardware necessary to complete your mezzanine installation!

All mezzanine connection hardware is high strength grade A325 hardened steel structural bolts and fasteners to ensure the greatest strength at all critical locations.

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Bolt & Nut Design
The Arc Force Mezzanine System offers a simple nut and bolt design that allows for this freestanding structure to be dismantled and reassembled in your new location. Our steel mezzanines allow for future expandability also.  A great investment that will not add to your property tax bill!

No Knee Bracing
Arc Force employs a heavy duty design of beam to column. This super strong combination eliminates the need for knee bracing in most situations.  This makes the Arc Force Mezzanine superior to other steel mezzanines. Most other mezzanines do not offer this strength in design or only for excessive loads.  At Arc Force, it is standard!  This allows you maximum overhead space without being impeded by knee bracing that drastically reduces your usable space under the mezzanine. Think this isn’t strong enough?  We assure you, you do not need any knee bracing with a typical Arc Force Mezzanine system and your mezzanine will be stable and without sway.

Mezzanine Deck Choices - Choose the Mezzanine Flooring that Suits Your Requirements

Plywood over B-Deck (Corrugated Steel)
This is the most common choice for our customers since it is economical in price and it suits a variety of uses and applications.  The durability of this deck flooring is perfect for storage areas, in-plant offices etc. Arc Force uses 3/4” straight edge plywood from recycled materials which allows for easy replacement of damaged wood in high traffic areas, over top of 20 gauge, 1- 1/2” steel corrugated roof deck (B-Deck).

Diamond Plate
This is the most expensive type of flooring, but it’s durability for heavy loads warrants its use. Diamond plate flooring provides you with superb wear resistance overall and it resists damage from your pallet truck traffic. This heavy duty steel (1/8” or 1/4” ) has a raised diamond pattern surface which reduces slippage. The strength of diamond plating, over 20 gauge B-Deck also assists in distribution of concentrated loads. This is the best choice for super strength and durability!

Bar Grating
This is a strong and economical alternative. Open bar grating ( 1” x 1/8” bearing bars at 1- 3/16” centers and twisted square cross bars at 4” centers) allows for light, air movement and water from overhead sprinklers to pass through the deck surface. Black finish is standard. This floor should not be used for pallet jack applications.

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Stairs and Landings
Arc Force steel mezzanine stairs are built to last! Our durable industrial, heavy duty stairs have a unique one-piece designed handrail for ease of assembly. We have unlimited configurations to meet any requirement.  Straight run, “L” shaped, or “U” shaped are some common stairs we manufacture.  The stairs quickly and easily assemble onsite with simple nut and bolt assembly. Stair risers can be open or closed, and stair treads can be flat steel with anti-slip tape,  bar grating or diamond plate.  Type of stair code to meet your requirements also includes OSHA (45 degree angle) and BOCA (30 degree angle) or IBC. Stair treads are a standard width of 36” but can be manufactured to your custom requirements.  Our mezzanine stair treads carry a minimum concentrated live load of 1000 lbs in the center of the tread. Landings (4’ x 4’ standard size) are provided when stairs run parallel to the mezzanine, or when stairs are required to turn corners.


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The Arc Force mezzanine and stair handrail system is the most innovative one on the market. The one-piece design on our steel stair kit  is easily installed with nut and bolt assembly. No onsite welding needed.  Our 2-rail design handrails on our mezzanines are side-mounted on the mezzanine deck to maximize your deck space. We can also manufacture 3-rail design handrails, wire mesh rails or picket style handrails.  Safety yellow is the standard color, however custom colors are always available at your request.

Gates allow you access to your mezzanine from floor level; especially useful when using forklifts to load and unload pallets onto the mezzanine. For maximum design flexibility, choose from our three gate styles to complete your custom steel mezzanine from Arc Force.  Our standard steel gates include a 6’ swing gate,  6’ lift out gate and a 6’ slide gate, however we can accommodate mezzanine deck openings to your requirements with custom size gates. Our design engineers will discuss your needs and assist you with a recommendation on gate type and size if required.

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Like our steel mezzanines, the Arc Force Catwalk is manufactured exact to your specs using the same heavy duty, structural steel components as all of our steel mezzanines. The same options of floor deck, handrails, gates,
openings, etc are all available on an Arc Force Catwalk.

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Custom Openings
Do you have equipment, conveyors, racks, etc that you need to incorporate into your mezzanine design? 
We will work with you to build you the exact mezzanine to fit your current needs by establishing the required openings and configurations that suit your requirements best.

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